Sports Vision

What is Sports Vision?

Sports vision is a vision therapy taken to a higher level. Instead of remedying diagnosed problems, sports vision trains already healthy eyes so they can meet their full potential and aid an athlete in increasing their skills. Even an outstanding athlete may further develop their innate abilities by maximizing their vision. 

The importance of good vision in the participation and enjoyment of sports activities cannot be overemphasized. To play any sport well, you have to see well. When engaged in competitive sports, your “visual fitness” becomes as important as physical fitness. And, just as exercise and practice can improve an athlete’s fitness and performance, there are ways to improve “visual fitness” as well.

Areas commonly dealt with include:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Peripheral Vision and Awareness
  • Contrast Sensitivity Functions

Who can benefit from Sports Vision?

Any athlete who seeks to improve their skill and consistency in any chosen sport would benefit from Sports Vision. Sports Vision is tailored to every individual depending on skill level, inherent eye efficiency skills, and specific sport.

If you experience the following, Sports Vision may help:

  • Erratic performance
  • Inconsistency
  • Desire to excel
  • Desire to gain an edge over opponents
  • Desire to optimize abilities

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